Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Geez those 10 days went by fast since my last post.

The older I get the faster time goes. Not happy about that so I try to do as muxh as I can everyday.
Lately going to as many garden centers as I can and enjoying evey minute of it. 
Yesterday cut the whol lawn and looking so pretty. I Have to bring some plants in at night cause still gets a little too chilly. My 2 tomato plants already died but can get more.
Garden on!


  1. I have not gotten to the plants yet we are still much to cold.
    time does fly though you are right!

  2. Wish I had your energy. I used to love cutting the grass until someone retired and bought a lawn tractor that I do not like! You need to set your phone to video and walk us through your property. And house!

  3. I have not even thought about flowers yet.Yours are sopretty! Janice

  4. Love your "breaths of spring" Earlene! Way, way too early here for any planting...or even enjoying anything outdoorsy.... So, trying to make the best of indoorsy LOL. ~Robin~

  5. Time sure does fly. Your gardens are looking great! Have a great day.