Tuesday, March 2, 2021

I love the month of March 💚💚 Everything starts budding out and grass starts to green up.  Today not a cloud in the sky. this afternoon I will roll up all my cords and store away till next year. Ground is exposed and not frozen. 

Yesterday I went to Lowes to buy mulch but none of it is unwrapped yet. They lost a good sale from me.

My daffodils are emerging!
Have a great day!


  1. We are still in the throws of winter today is the coldest yet 1 degree with the wind howling.
    We still have a covering of snow. lucky you
    I think that all of these retail places have such a hard time getting help that they are behind in everything.

  2. Nothing sprouting up here yet....looking forward to Spring though. Janice

  3. We are still snow covered here in Nod...and fully expect there will be many more heavy snows for us for the next two months at least. There are still snows in May, but not as heavy and they do not stick. But just the word "March" has a bit of hope to it in my book. An excuse, at least, to break out a wee bit of green even though I don't sport an ounce of Irish blood in me LOL. ~Robin~

  4. It's like old friends coming back to visit!! : ) Happy almost spring.