Saturday, June 11, 2011

This is where I have been all week. ON VACATION


We had a great time but weather not the greatest. We went to the UP and I got to visit with my two brothers for awhile.

We rode over 1200 miles and saw some beautiful country.

But there is no place like home! I have just a few pictures to share with you.

Oh yea...I did take my computer with me since I feel lost without it. It is a good way to communicate in case phone won't work.

This boat is the SS Badger that takes a four hour trip across Lake Michigan from Wisconsin to Ludington Michigan. We loaded are motorcycle on it to get home sooner because the weather was just too cold and nasty. Next year we will wait until July when we know it is warmer.

Me following our tour guide in the submarine which was a 'tight' experience.

Me freezing but still having fun!

This was a tour of a retired submarine docked at Wisconsin Museum . It was an eye opening experience. I sure couldn't stay in one for a period of time.

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