Saturday, January 21, 2012

Painting is done!!

Gone from the color is~ CINNAMON SUGAR~
Look at that blue sky and snow..perfect light for painting!
Cranked up the music from the 80's and off to paint.

I left the trim white...glad I looks so fresh.
~Cinnamon Sugar~
Love the name of it!
Looks good with my terra cotta tile...glad...cause I was worried about that!

Sunshine reflection on the wall. It was beautiful outside today.
I need suggestions/new ideas for this wall. I had a black shelf/pegrack here before but ready for something different. I was thinking of putting a hanging buttery there. HELP! I love your suggestions.
This sure will feel good in my Jacuzzi...I am so sore I can hardly move. Up and down on my bench and all my bending from know what I mean!
Oh...ignore the curtains sweet friend Lucille is making me new curtains as soon as I find the homespun fabric I want.
Hugs...stay warm and cozy...nighty nite!

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