Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Saturday Afternoon/new prims/curtains/tweaks

I bought this cute penny mat this morning to add to my Easter display. Isn't it sweet. Love the muted colors in it.

This is the old horse feed bucket I bought last weekend at Holly Hills Primitives. I want to put a prim bunny in it for Spring but this doll will do for now. I want to set it on my table..right now it's on the floor against my black corner cupboard.
Brought my red shutters back up from the basement and changed the display today. I am trying to hide the view of the snow we got last night...3".
Do you think it looks okay?
Set my small prim table today in this corner with the prim child chair.
Taste of Spring
Close-up...looks black but actually dark blue.

My homespun curtains turned out so nice! I think they fit in this room perfectly...and Lucille did a great job making them! If your interested she can make you some too. You supply the fabric and she will let you know the cost to make them and ship them. She does great work!

I am still trying to find the right piece to set or hang behind the tub near my buttery. Maybe I will find something next weekend when I go shopping in Ohio with Carmen. Did you hear? I can't wait...we are spending the day together prim shop hopping. I am leaving Friday night after work.
Have a great evening!

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