Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saturday with Carmen,Cindy and Vicky

Primitive Blessings Shop
First shop on our stop. Messed up my order of pictures ...this one did not post right first time so continue on,
Hi! Almost to Carmens house and drove by this! Would have LOVED to go picking through this old homestead! The drive here was such beautiful countryside. I realized one of the reason Ohio is so pretty is that grassland and fields are right up to the roadside and it looks so neat, groomed and clean. In Michigan, near me anyways, trees , weeds and scrub are right next to the road and beyond that are the groomed fields. Ohio is also very hilly.
On my way to Carmens I had to stop and take a picture if this barn and building. I think it is a ranch hand home...whatever it is it's adorable! Would love to have it in my yard! Herb gardens around it would be perfect don't you think?
Prim Happiness!
Great Gals!
Vicky, Cindy, Carmen
Mary we missed you!!!!

This stream ran right nest to Primitive Blessings lucky is she to have such a beautiful peaceful setting. The weather was perfect , the sun was shining and crocus was popping up on the hill. A wonderful shop and I did not want to leave. You must stop if you are ever in the area.
We also went to NorthShore Primitives and I didn't get a picture of her caught up in the moment and it never crossed my mind. She was are second stop.
After that we headed to lunch and had a great time visiting.
Then left and went to The Old Farmstead.
Carmen with a primcat..aren't they cute!
Carmens cats are the most beautiful cats I have ever seen. She takes wonderful care of them and believe me when I say these cats are disciplined...never seen anything like it before and very sweet to watch.
We had a great time and ready to do it again.

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