Saturday, May 26, 2012


My Friday started out with Norm and I having annual eye glasses in the works for both of us. Then off to look for beadboard for my kitchen and still not liking it. Back to that later. Never did get my chance to rearrange things but I still have time this weekend. We hopped on the bike and headed to Shipshewana for the night. We stayed in my favorite campground that has the sweetest little cabins. here is what it looked like.
The bed wasn't the cofiest in this one but I can catch up tonight....right! Oh and keep in mind when we left yesterday it was 86 degrees so I didn't pack a sweatshirt. We got up this morning and had a breakfast bufet that was yummo and walked around Shipshewana. Here is Norm packing away the cover to our bike.
Isn't he so cute! We walked aoround town for a few hours. You wouldn't believe the things I can fit in this bike. Couldn't leave without piking up a few things. Americana doll, new runner, square table top cover and new bonnet.
Remember when I said how hot it was yesterday? Well only 68 degrees on the way home and on a bike that is too cold for me. At least we didn't get caught in the rain. I had to stop and buy a sweatshirt. Off on the bike again tomorrow morning to meet Carmen (PRIMCATS) and Shane Erb at Cabelas!!!! I can't wait! We are heading back to our house for a short and sweet visit cause they have to leave by 3 to continue their trip. 95 degrees tomorrow! See you tomorrow guys! Stay tuned to see what I am using instead of beadboaord :0) Hope your enjoying your weekend. ~~Earlene~~

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