Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I have been having internet problems for 3 days now and tonight I hope it is finally fixed. I have missed everyone and have some catching up to do. Now that the days are getting longer too, I spend less time on my computer. Lets face it...I am just too tired to be on it by the time I get in the house. Got my veggie garden planted! 3 kinds of tomatoes, red peppers, chocolate peppers o:), swiss chard, cucumbers and basil. It is a small place so couldn't fit anymore in. I am excited about having fresh tomatoes. Last night we had rain so it is off to a good start. This weekend is a great Old Fashioned Antique sale near my home with 15 vendors. 80 degrees on Saturday so I am sure lots of people will be there. I am picking up a Settle from my friend that was made by her husband so I promise I will post a picture of it Saturday night. I want to put it in my dining room in front of my window. Time to catch up on reading some more blogs so wishing you all a great night...this girl will be asleep by 9:30.

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