Saturday, May 19, 2012

Todays goodies (some of them)

The days weather was sunny,beautiful and HOT! Just how I like it! Perfect day for a sale...and it was a great sale. Jane and Cheryl know how to put it all together and have fun. Now I know that you want to see my Settee....but you will have to wait cause it needed some tweaking 0:( I know, I was disappointed too but Dick wants to make it right so I have to wait. I promise I will show you when I have it set up. Lucille I didn't get to say good bye before you left, sorry, hope you had a fun day. Here are a few things I picked up today and also silly poses of my cat tonight "Buddy" who loves sleeping on the roof of my car. Oh, and no pictures of the show today, my camera died and my husband looked at it tonight and the new batteries I bought were expired! Dang it...hate it when that he had some new ones so I took these shots tonight. ~~Hope your day was grand~~ ~Earlene~
She greets you as you enter my screened in porch.
A large Twig Skep and Nesting Box...I think for a Wood Duck.
A smaller Twig Skep
Sweet Americana Shelf Sitters too that I found today. 9:00 already! Sittin on the porch cooling off and watching the sun set. Wish you could join me. ~Have a good night~ Earlene

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