Sunday, July 1, 2012

Saturday Fun /Pictures to share

Sleeping in for one thing and staying up late without having to worry is a wonderful feeling!Got up at 8 and picked my sister up by 9:30 and off we went. Took my car and my sister kept saying lets take the van. "We should have drove the van...she won't let me live that down! First stop at TSC. I wanted a half barrel to put in my garden and they had some left...and two 40 pound bags od sunflower seed for the birds. Stopped and got gas and down to 3.29 a gallon! Next stop at Brettys and found a new floor rug for the front of my door. She has the best selection of rugs. Cynthia was in this years Country Sampler...check her out! Next we were off to check out a new shop in Hillsdale called Mulberry Lane and found a Kippi prim cat and a cute prim doll, oh, and a prim table cloth for the table on my porch. Time for lunch so we went to The Hunt Club down the street and if you ever have a chance to was WONDERFUL. There is one in Jackson Michigan too. Every time we try to go to that one it is always packed. Now I know why. Next stop at The Old Granary on Quincy. Joann is the sweetest! I found one of her flags she makes and put it on my porch. Found a new scented candle I have never burned..still like Cornbread and Honey the best. On our way out we heard an old train whistle and took off toward the track to watch it coming. I can't believe the exact same thing happened to us last year. Off to Antique Mall in Allen. Didn't by anything but saw some things but no room in my car! Last stop the grocery store. We are having a cookout this afternoon. BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, parsley potatoes and Michigan salad. Hope your all staying cool in this oppresive heat!
New Flag on my porch
Kippi Cat
Prim Doll...sorry it is a dark picture
Prim Table Cloth
Here comes the Train!
Good Bye for now...have a wonderful day! ~Earlene~

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