Monday, September 3, 2012

Few things to share

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend:0) I started my Fall decorating outside today.....not much...but it's a start. My sister gave me the grapevine that I used to wrap around my scarecrow and it worked perfect. I have had the terra cotta pumpkins 8 years now. I found them at a shop in Delaware Ohio.
Yesterday my BIL came over to hang a shelf he made for me to fill this big empty white blah on the side of my house. So yesterday morning I spent half the morning washing green mold of the siding with bleach water. That side (North) never gets direct sun so I have to do that every year. I'm sure it will changed around many times, a fun spot to display.
Love how the plants grew around my garden shed.
Today was a beautiful hot day (90) with this wonderful sunset I wanted to share.
~~Goodnight~~ Earlene

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