Monday, September 17, 2012

This weekend

I decided not to show many wedding pictures for privacy but I have to say it was a great time and very sweet.
We had a chance early Saturday before the wedding to do a little sight seeing. Managed to go to Ripleys Believe It Or Not. If you ever get a chance you have to go. Next time your husband complains about wallpapering show him this. I thought it was hilatious.
If you can enlarge the small sign read it. This guys carrer was hanging wallpaper and he only has one arm! I am not kidding. Next you think you have trouble figuring out what to wear look at this!
You want to see what big and tall means?
And these are my feet standing in his foot prints! He was the worls tallest man. 8 feet 11 inches tall!
Paintings underneath a dead bat...Happy Halloween!
And a very cool building... and... I want to know does anyone know why glass balls are on the top of this building? I hope you liked my pictures. Have a great week friends. ~Earlene~

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