Saturday, October 27, 2012

I had to share this!

As you know I have wood floors and vacuming has been an issue lately. Especially with 2 cats. Well not anymore. Ladies if you had trouble with your vacum I have some news for you!
I wanted lightweight, an extension hose that was attached but adjustabile, low noise and the best suction, moves easily and stores easy. Well this is it! I stopped at Ann Arbor Vacum on my way home last night and brought it home. Chad says try for a week and if it didn't work for me I could bring it back. I AM keeping it! I can;t believe it has taken me this many years to find such a great product. It is on Consumer report too. How much does it cost? The range from 1400.00 to 399.00. I bought the 399.00 and I know that seems like a lot but it is the best 399.00 I have ever spent. I have been a cleaning fool this morning. I have a real problem bending and no bending with this. Very comfortable for me. And dust and cobwebs are gone..I was even able to reach my ceiling...the extension is long and easy to use. He gave me a package of bags with it and I forgot to ask how much those are but probably pricey. So glad I stopped! ~~Enjoy your Saturday~~ ~Earlene~

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