Sunday, October 21, 2012

Seville Ohio...Medina and Wooster

I have been absent since Friday night. Norm met me after work and off we went for a get away weekend.I have been wanting to go to the Seville Antique Mall again..went about 4 years ago and loved it! I have pictures to show you what I purchased. I was hoping to find some new Fall and such luck but that's okay. We stayed at the Comfort Inn and FYI when you reserve a room and mention Seville Antique Mall your room will only be 55.00! Go to there website and scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see it. We stayed Saturday night too. I love driving at night this time of year because we saw the most awsome Halloween light displays! And darn I forgot my camera!!!! This first treasure is the coolest gourd..looks like a swan doesn't it!
I found it in Seville and this next is my favorite..had to have it. This womans booth was making me spastic...I could have bought everything she had!
It is a breadboard rack with the boards sitting on a cutting board.
This is the cutest little mustard cupboard I found at Brothers Antique Store in Wooster. The inside is very cute and i want to put it in my bay window and decorate it for Christmas.
I have a thing for tin cups and love to collect can do so many decorating themes with them. I also founf a tiny funnel and collect them too.
This is too dark but it is a prim mustard apron I had to have to hang in my kitchen. Driving home today from our weekend was beautiful. The sun was out and 60 degrees. The colors on the trees popped. We drove country roads all the way home. We had enough time to get the lawn cut when we got home. Had to...with all the rain we've had it was getting pretty shabby. Gotta go....catching up with laundry now. Hope you had a great weekend! ~~Earlene!!

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