Friday, November 23, 2012

pics/change in weather today

Thanksgiving Day was beautiful outside at 62 degrees and this is what happened an hour ago!
" Let it snow and blow"
Sweet turkey Kendra made me...see the snow in background? The other pics are some of the goodies I picked up last weekend and put out instead of waiting to put with the rest of my decorations.
Grapevine tree and Santa
Here is a lighter pic.
set of chalkware santas
new candles sign
new grungy tree
Relaxing all day today. Yesterday we had Lions friends for dinner. Sunday this year will be family gathering so off to get groceries again. At least the rush will be over. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving ~Earlene~ PS.....wHAT HAPPENED TO MY FOLLOWER PICTURES? lOOKS LIKE ALL OTHER BLOGS ARE MISSING FOLLOWERS TOO. nOW WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU WANT TO FOllOW A BLOG?

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