Thursday, March 28, 2013


Tonight I had a chance to have IT at work check out my computer. he said my blog has all the correct settings and when he tried to access everything else (Mguest for work) he was not able to make it work so now I have to take it to another Msite ( for Internet access on my laptop) to be checked, so I will try and do that tomorrow. so that's the name of that tune. Easter Sunday is getting closer and have all my groceries bought for dinner. It is the only time my fridge is ever full anymore. We have family dinner at 1:00 this year at our house. do you have your fill of Peeps yet? Love those things, especially stale ones. Breckenridge show is this Saturday and heading out early to make it in line. Saturday is suppose to be sunny and 55 degrees. ~~Blessings~~ Earlene

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