Thursday, April 18, 2013

I was on my way to Quincy and spotted an Estate Sale sign. WOOHOO ...had to stop. The shoe stretchers, prim wisk broom, barrel on my porch and horsehair scrub brush came from there. 23.00 for all of it! We stopped at a garden center..itchin to plant...and loved this red geranium, which is still sitting in my house. Buddy had to put in his 2 cents worth and would not give up this chair on the porch. Guess who won! Anyway the cute little box with the candle in it, sitting on my coffee table, was adorable with great patina and decided I needed it. A cute piece to sit or hang. Tomorrow morning is my 2 week checkup since my spine injection and so far it has helped. We'll see how soon I have to have another one. I hope your enjoying your Spring. ~Earlene~

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