Sunday, June 16, 2013

 This is the mustard blanket box I picked up yesterday at the Seville Antique Mall.
 I found this prim barn door. The next pic is where I am hanging it.
We had our basement landing finished up on Friday. Brian put up the same wood we had done on our kitchen walls. After we have it stained, the same color as the kitchen, I am hanging the barn door on the narrow end wall. The picture below. what do you think?
 View of wood above the door.

 Oh I also picked up this issue of A Simple Life. This one is my favorite so far...can't put it down.
 Here's my Lil' Jerrry taking a bath and enjoying the sunshine in our bay window.
Aren't his stripes pretty! He is the softest cat we have ever owned. But also the most skiddish when company shows up.
Time to grill the hamburgers.....
have a wonderful week friends.

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