Friday, July 5, 2013


The 4th. went by so quickly but Norm and I had a blast.
We went to the parade in our hamlet of a town, which started at noon. It has been YEARS since I have been to it, the weather was perfect so why not.

 First we had to have Firemans yummy chicken dinner and it was some tasty chicken!!!
 The kids in the parade were to see them having a good time. No video phones

 Old cars...check out our old buildings too.

 Beautiful horses!!!!

Ran into my daughter ( her boyfriend) and youngest granddaughter which was a nice surprise.
then we took off on the motorcycle and went to Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant Mi. I tried the slots but no luck. I played on 35.00 for a long time but my luck ran out so we hit the buffet dinner before heading home.
It is a good thing Norm had a blanket in the trunk cause 70 degrees on a bike when your already sunburned is a little chilly.
I hope your 4th. was a fun day . It goes by so fast...poof...and then it will be Labor Day before you know it.

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