Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday with Team Rachel JDRF 2013

 This is Rachel, my 12 year old, 3rd. born grandchild  and today was her day.
"Team Rachel"
 This is my daughter Amy and Rachels mom
Love you both so so much.
 This was the starting line, it doesn't look like many people, but there was.
The weather was perfect. The walk started at 9:45 and the ceremony was over at 11:30.
 Left to right is Nathan my 12 year old grandson, his sister ( granddaughter Lauren 9, Rachel 12, her friend who joined us, and Madison ( granddaughter) 16.
 Here is grandma ( me) with all 4 of them.
 Free massages...could not pass that up!
 My younger daughter Jennifer...could not pass that up!
( I had one too) LOL
Felt so good after the walk.
 Madison and State Police  canine dog.

This is a great oganization.
I hope I see a cure in my lifetime!!!!
If you would like to make a donation the website is at the top of the page and you could do it under
 " Team Rachel"
Please do not feel obligated because I did this post, that is not my intention.
The walk was on the Michigan State Campus, East Lansing Michigan.


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