Friday, November 8, 2013

TGIF!!! Pics from last Saturday prim shopping and......Jerry the Cat, you can see how pretty his markings are in these pics.

 Great sign don't you think? Found this in Seville Antique Mall.
 Old Childs Hardware apron.
 Loved the make-do box I found in Gathered Treasure. A tree will go in this for Christmas, I will show when that time comes.
 Another cool gourd.
 Black checked bonnet on a stand.
 Santa and an old piece of linen.
 Winder with great patina.
 Prim apron.
 New lamp..old old love
that is an orb on the shade...spooky!
 Great prim Christmas cards.
 Another crock, like I need another one!!  Love them.
 Isn't he so beautiful!!!! Look at his markings, showing up prettier than ever!
He is becoming the lap cat with my husband. Not with me, only him.

So pretty!!!!

Well that's it. So GLAD it is Friday. No place like home is there!
Enjoying so much relaxation tonight after the week.
Tomorrow  morningI am picking up my daughter Jennifer and we are heading to the Breckenridge Holiday Show.
One more thing...thank you Bobbie for all the driving last weekend. We had such a good time and look forward to more fun time.
One more thing, I started to Pinterest so as soon as I get better at it I hope you visit me.
~~Have a wonderful weekend~~

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