Thursday, January 16, 2014

I don't know where to start.

Everything is getting better but the kids almost lost there Father on Tuesday, grands almost lost a grandfather and I almost lost my husband.
Thank you God  for watching over him.
He had a thirty thousand pound semi fall on him Tuesday and survived thanks to the, quick thinking, of the men with him they got it lifted off of him. Long story short, he got out of the hospital yesterday and a miracle how good he felt today. He fractured his pelvis in four places and is badly bruised. He did not have any internal bleeding.
He has to use a walker, he can stand but he can't walk. He will in time, but has to heal more and start his physical therapy.
We have had a wonderful family to help us and be by our side.
We are so grateful.
Love You Norm

I will be absent for awhile.

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