Saturday, February 22, 2014

Guess what I saw yesterday.....

 On my way home from work yesterday I stopped at Paneras for a fresh loaf of bread and when I left to get in my car a ROBIN was on top of a snowbank picking at who knows what. Poor thing looked so thin and the wind was gusting really bad. for me that is a good sign of Spring on it's way. I know, supposedly they are here year round but I have never seen one. Anyways the lady next to me probably thought I was nuts the way I cheered when I saw it...oh well.
I was able to leave work early yesterday and spent the afternoon catching up on errands. I managed to buy a 1803 candle, Old Dough box, still like Cornbread and Honey better.
Driving home the wind was so least it wasn't snowing.
I think Daylight Savings Time is next weekend ( oops it is the following weekend) so more time to enjoy after work. Can't wait to start working in my yard with the extra daylight coming!
Have a wonderful weekend

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