Monday, May 5, 2014

Surprised you will be :0)

As some of you know I no longer have my sectional sofa. I gave it to my daughter Amy who needed it more than me and at this stage of my life I want comfort. This sectional was not comfy. It was okay for family gatherings but no one ever seemed com
I can make this work. We sat in it and it was the most comfortable
thing I have ever sat in! Loved it and so did my husband.
What makes it nice is each side reclines so if I want to sit up to read, ( read HA, I mean play on my blog)he can recline.
What do you think?
It is a thick cordrouy and is a dark gray, not brown.
72 inches wide.
I will make it fit in my prim decor....right?
It gets delivered tomorrow so I will take some pictures and show you.
~Have a wonderful evening~
I have to go out and cover tender plants...frost expected tonight.

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