Sunday, June 29, 2014

It is a cloudy, humid Sunday morning here and it shows in these garden pictures I have for today.

 Garden pal is from The Old Granary this year.
I watch the wrens landing on him all the time on the way to feed the babies in the birdhouse.
 These are the only 2 sunflowers coming up this year. I planted 2 dozen. Same thing happened last year, only 2 grew.
My tomato plants are growing around it. I will have lots of tomatoes if they start to produce.
 The plant left to the tomatoe is a giant Nicotia with big white flowers. The storm broke that off :0(
 I made the herbs sign from an old paddle.
 My peas have the prettiest pink flowers this year and spreading like crazy. I have a wren nesting in the gourd birdhouse and can watch it from my family room windows.
Still waiting for plants to flower.
This spot had obediant plant and hated it so I cut it all down and set my bench here. 

This is the side of hubbys shop this year. Morning glory is climbing up the wheel. A friend gave us the rusty crusty tractor seat.
We collect the seats, we have them in various place in the yard.

Sunday blessings to you all!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My blog list ( reading list?) is gone too!!! It has happened to some other bloggers and I have no idea why either. Hope it comes back!!!

But I have a few more home pics to show you of my friend Sues house. Thank You Sue

The pics below are inside of Nancys house. Thank You Nancy

 Last 3 are Sues, I don't know what happened.
Pictures load funny sometime.

Happy Tuesday ( Janice :0)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Eye candy you don't want to miss!!!!

I had the day off today, took off at 9 and did a little shopping and met at a friends house for lunch. 
I had a blast....thank you Nancy!
This is the most adorable Cape Cod garden, this sweet lady is so talented.


Puts me in the mood to garden....except it's raining.
I have the weekend though!
Gardening is good for the soul.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Saturday

Picking my sister up this morning for our weekend plant shopping .

 Found hanging basket and them here.

 My clematis starting blooming! I have 2 types on this arbor, a white and yellow.

 Wrens in my gourd birdhouse.
 I stopped at a rummage sale yesterday and found this breadboard for 50 cents!!!!!! Lucky find.

 New bowlrack.
Need to take the truck to pick up mulch for some areas of my gardens.
I got these yesterday on my way to the doctor . ( Found out I have Dry Eye and have to use Restasis everyday, maybe 2 times a day) 
Put these on my garden shed, plants are marked down now this time of year.

Happy Saturday