Sunday, June 29, 2014

It is a cloudy, humid Sunday morning here and it shows in these garden pictures I have for today.

 Garden pal is from The Old Granary this year.
I watch the wrens landing on him all the time on the way to feed the babies in the birdhouse.
 These are the only 2 sunflowers coming up this year. I planted 2 dozen. Same thing happened last year, only 2 grew.
My tomato plants are growing around it. I will have lots of tomatoes if they start to produce.
 The plant left to the tomatoe is a giant Nicotia with big white flowers. The storm broke that off :0(
 I made the herbs sign from an old paddle.
 My peas have the prettiest pink flowers this year and spreading like crazy. I have a wren nesting in the gourd birdhouse and can watch it from my family room windows.
Still waiting for plants to flower.
This spot had obediant plant and hated it so I cut it all down and set my bench here. 

This is the side of hubbys shop this year. Morning glory is climbing up the wheel. A friend gave us the rusty crusty tractor seat.
We collect the seats, we have them in various place in the yard.

Sunday blessings to you all!


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