Monday, June 2, 2014

Sunday ride on the Honda

We took off early and went to Hickory Hills which a museum of old cars, bikes, toys....
the weather was perfect.
We have had this bike now for 10 years. Great riding bike and we have traveled lots of places on it. It was my husbands 50th birthday present to himself and now tomorrow June 3rd. is his big 60!!!!!
In July we are taking off on another trip.
We ended up breaking down and buying new helmets this year along with audio so we can talk to each other without yelling and it's going to be a long trip.
And yes we can fit everything we need in this bike.
Who else likes to travel on a bike?
prayers to Carmen and Shane Erb ( PRIMCATS). Shane hit a deer on his bike ( or should I say the deer hit him) and was hurt pretty bad but will be okay in time. Carmen was driving a truck behind him when it happened and saw everything . Love you two and hope your recovery is on the way.

Have a good night...gotta go, storms are getting bad!

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