Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Quick post---Norm and I have been on our motorcycle trip

We left on July 5th and made it home last night at 8:00.
We really enjoyed ourselves. It was hot, cold, rainy, windy...but mostly sunny. We drove the Skyline and continued on to Blueridge Parkway and the Smoki Mountains. Over 2000 miles total we put on the bike. That is a lot of riding.
My favorite stop was at Maggie Valley North Carolina to go to the Wheels of Time Museum .  The tv show is called Whats in the Barn. I will show some of those pics now and others later. I am still trying to catch up from the trip.

 Norm (hubs) Matt
Norm with Dale 

 Norm with Dale
Dale and Matt were so sweet!!!!
They mingled all day with everyone.
Dale riding antique bike through the shop.
He did that several times.
 This was hilarious!!

Gotta go.....granddaughter showed up.

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