Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A day off Wednesday

I am looking forward to the day off today. 
I wanted to show you some new pictures but can't find my camera.
I am turning this house upside down untill I find it. I remember taking it out of my purse, but don't remember putting it back in. That's bad. 

I want to try to do some gardening but looks like more rain coming. We had a severe storm late afternoon yesterday and plants are laying flat right now.

I am seeing many trees starting to change colors. Fall is on it's way.
Old pics for today.
First three are from The Old Granary.
Her Fall Open House is this weekend and I am going on Saturday.

Pic below is from Pinterest but I love the whole grouping!!!
1 more Old Granary pic

This last one cracks me up.
They had the best cartoons didn't they!!!!
Enjoy your day!

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