Sunday, September 7, 2014


Top 5 pics I know are from Bobbies booth.
She made beautiful rugs and punch needles and had great antiques items. We had a blast!!!!!

 Does anyone know what this type of basket was used for?????
Very unique, I almost purchased it but got something else instead. Now I wish I would have.

We all know who this sweet lady is!!!
Marie Morgan

Years ago ( 10+) I purchased a light that was made by Carriage house lighting and it shorted out last year so I took it in with me to the show and are replacing it with a new one. Now that is a good business!!!!

 Top 2 pics are my booth. I was pleased with it being my very first time. I am going next year to the Spring show. Hooked!
 Look how busy Bobbies booth was!
she was right across from me and Marie was next to her.

This is Lisa from the Moonlit Stitch Blog.
Isn't she adorable!!!!!
So glad we finally got to meet.

On Friday night  most of the vendors got together at the Bittersweet Cafe in Holly for dinner. We had a great time, lots of laughs.
I got lots of pictures and not one loaded on my camera. The only ones that turned out are all on this post.
My disk was full....dang it!
Aren't you suppose to get a warning when that happens? Not me.
Then the storm hit...and it was a bad one. 
I left around 9 and made it home fine.

I hope everyone else made it home safely and thank you all for being so nice and helpful and it was a pleasure meeting all of you!!
All of you were great!
Especially Dick and Dawn.


Found them!!!!

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