Monday, November 3, 2014

Spent the day in the yard

Todays weather was perfect so took advantage of it early, since it is dark by 6 now. I let Spunky out with me, he never leaves my side was so funny watching him run around in the leaves. 
I also have my grand dog Reese for a week so the two of them played all afternoon....very cute.
This is what they looked like
tonight. LOL!!!
Wait it gets better...
I decided to go out and start a fire, let them play some more , enjoy the fresh air and moonlight.
Well... a skunk had better ideas.
Reese got sprayed so he is spending the night on the porch tonight.
Of course the dang thing had to run under my porch. The cat is ok, I am ok, but poor Reese. He didn't get it in the eyes but on his side.
Glad it's still warm out so she won't get cold.
 This was the two of them last night.
Sleep tight.


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