Friday, December 19, 2014

I want to do this next year,
Not many people know this about me but I use to be quite the ice skater. When I was 11 years old we moved out of town to the country ( not country anymore) on a lake. Man-made lake but still pretty big with lagoons. One of the lagoons was in our back yard and so was the " beach" Remember when stretch pants were popular? That Christmas I got those and a pair of ice skates with pom poms! ( I forgot to mention I went to the roller rink alot so I knew I could ice skate). I was out everyday, some times all day no matter what. We would build a bonfire on the beach, neighbor kids would all come out and skate the day away. We would turn all of our floodlights on in the back yards so we could see, sometimes.
This went on every Winter for years until I left home and got married.  Great wonderful memories I am very thankful for.

I have not put on a pair of ice skates in a long time but this year...I am going for it.  We have a lake near our house. Just like riding a bike right? I know I still have it in me. Norm and I use to roller blade a lot but quit when I tore my ACL.
Don't worry I will start out slow.

Happy Christmas Wishes

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