Monday, January 19, 2015

Back in Michigan~Home Sweet Home~ Pics taken while I was gone

Not as many pictures with my camera, in fact these are all of them.
I did use my phone for pictures but need to figure out how to move them to my computer. This is enough anyways!
I was gone for 3 weeks which surprised myself that I could stay that long .  Norm flew down my last week on Wednesday and we left for home on Saturday. The weather was perfect driving home until we got closer to Michigan Sunday afternoon.
 These are the BEST hot boiled peanuts I have ever had...look how big they are. Got these at a roadside stand on our day trip to Dothan Alabama. I ate the whole cup, yes I did!

 This is my sisters new dog Casey. Italian Greyhound Terrier Mix, not a year old yet. I took him for a walk almost everyday. Called my sister when we got home and she said he sits by the door waiting for me to come in....isn't that sweet!

 Hubby waving hello~
 These top 5 pics were taken at Dewey Destins.
Yes Betty I made it there and lunch was delicious!!
I had a flounder sandwich with fries and a cup of seafood gumbo soup. 
 Here we are at Okaloosa Island Emerald Coast after lunch.
Looks like snow but is beautiful white sand.
I was texting and it was so bright I had to cover myself to see.

 Look at that blue sky!!!
 Picking up shells~
 Love the feeling of sand on my feet.
We were really starting to get sunburn, even though it was only about 59 degrees it was bright bright bright!

 Driving home through Kentucky, one of my favorite states for scenery.

Do we have to leave?

I felt so guilty after just getting home and not seeing my kitties for 3 weeks, I had to get Spunky off to the vet for a 9 am appointment this morning. ( Neutering) Poor guy, couldn't eat or drink  and wanted my full attention and I cage him up and leave him 0:( 
Now catching up on the unpacking, laundry, you know what I mean!
I am temping on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for the next 2 months and trying to get ready for Dawns show on March 21st. ( on my sidebar) so good to be busy these cold cloudy months. 
Time to get back to catching up before tomorrow morning.
Have a wonderful week!!!!

P.S.    So thankful for lower gas prices!!!!!!!!

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