Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Pinterest is fixed /pics of Spring

I sent  messages to 'help' at Pinterest with a screenshot of what was happening and when I checked after getting home from work last night it was working!!!!! Wish I could talk to a person but sign of the times I guess. I really miss and love looking at all the pictures and neat ideas.

One of the fun thing for me about Spring is all my perennials popping out and digging them up to give to my friends and watching them grow and blossem through the season. Every year  more and more show up and do very well. This year I will have more time to work at it and we had great news that next week the temps will be starting to warm up. That means melting snow!!!! Of course the ground is hard as a rock but that's okay, lots of other chores to do. 

Pansies should be showing up soon at Lowes and I will get some as soon as I see any.

Our covered porch

Columbines grow quickly and the first to flower in my garden.

Green grass...I am ready
 I planted some new things a good friend gave me this Fall so really anxious to see them this year. Hope they grow especially a Hops vine I planted near my garden shed.
I split and moved some plants in the Fall so hope they do well.  I divided these lilies you see to the left which are a beautiful red and really can't wait to see these!
Ahh can't wait
I think I will make a trip to Lowes today to start stocking up on my mulch bark. Helps when I get a few bags at a time.

Almost here!!!!!

This will be next weekend !!!!
So yes Spring is coming finally.

Happy Hump Day

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