Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tax Day ( we are all taxed to death) so new happy pics for you

At least it is a beautiful sunny morning here. Yesterday I was out all day. I used sunscreen but still got burned, seems the older I get that happens now no matter what I use. Here are a few pics outside for you.

Violas I picked up last night at Meijers.
This plant can handle the cold nights we are still getting.
I needed some pop of color.

Coral Bells for the soon to arrive hummingbirds.
Hate maintaining hummingbird feeders.

Signs of Spring

Pansies too!

Got this new stone bunny at Lowes.

This prim trough will be home to ALL sunflowers and I can't wait to see how it turns out. Got this at a yard sale late last year.
Pinterest shows these with sunflowers and love the look, just can't plant until June.

 Have a seat!
 Morning sun on the porch.
Old boxes from the barn, going to my booth.

~Have a wonderful day~

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