Saturday, May 30, 2015

More rain!!!!!! Plus dropping temps is what we have on the way.

Working in my yard everyday and loving it.

Spunky follows me and always wants to play.

See this big leafed plant in the front? Soon it will be so big you won't see any parts of the rest of the garden from this side.
Cup plant. Stunningly huge but invasive so needs lots of room and sunlight.

I am leaving for Florida with my friend Cindy on Tuesday through Saturday and leaving my computer behind.
I have been really bad lately on blogging but I am outside ALL the time and just not into it. 
I will post more pictures of my garden in a few weeks, if it ever stops raining for a couple of days, and show you what I worked on today for my gardens. 
Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Nancy Nemec sale goodies

Yesterday my friend Nancy and my sister headed to Ida Michigan to her yearly primitive sale she has and as always she NEVER disappoints!!!! Great time, great weather and all the prices were great with a very big selection. 
 granite herb pot
 peg rack
 plants  purchased on the way home

 tile which has plants in it now
 coffee grinder from an estate sale we stopped at
 more thyme
 prim match holder

All my pictures didn't turn out and I don't know why..oh well

Heading back out into the yard.

Enjoy your Memorial Day and many thanks to all our service men and woman, past and present.



Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How's your appetite?

If your ever in Leroy Michigan and are hungry you must stop and eat at Mr. Pibbs! 
Look how big these hot sandwiches come.

I have been really busy this week so this is all I have to post.
If it ever warms up I will post some new pictures soon.
Monday the temp was 85 degrees and frost last night....argh!

Happy Hump Day

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Garden pics to share for Mothers Day...enjoy ( Nancy and Sues gardens)

Hope you are enjoying

                               this special day we have!!!!!    



Sunday, May 3, 2015

Garden spot in the works

Hope all of you have enjoyed your weekend. The weather has been perfect and the moonrise coming out right now is breathtaking to say the least!! I wanted to get a picture but batteries are dead and I am dead tired and too lazy to go get some at the Dollar Store.
I wanted to show you our work in progess garden spot next to our barn. I think it will look nice once the plants start to grow more. I planted Tyme, Hollyhocks and Hens and Chicks. the table is a steel make do my husband made long time ago and was sitting in a junk pile.
Norm made the wood door out of boards cut from Ash trees on our property.

This spot was full of tall weeds, cement blocks, steel posts and few other pieces of junk. He cleared it all out and one day! I'm not kidding it was a mess!

What have you been working on in your yard?
It's a labor of love! To me anyways, never feels like work.

Have a great week ahead friends!