Monday, August 31, 2015



Saturday morning I was up early and picked up Nancy and we took off  for a huge estate sale very close to my house. Above is what I found on Saturday. Saw lots but prices were way too high.
Sunday prices dropped half and Sunday morning my husband went and picked these crusty wagon wheels for me!!

5 of us went back Sunday and I bought this stove to plant inside of it and going in my garden...happy!

Changed to this for something differant on my porch.
Like it?

This is an old buggy seat that belonged to Norms father and attached the old boards to base to stabilize and raise it.

Norm hung this hanging buttery I will load with grapevine and baskets.

We had a cook-out at my house on Sunday with sister and friends with hubbies and had a wonderful day!
Ham, stuffed cabbages, beans, amish potatoes, macaroni salad, cucumber salad and sweets galore!
We were the group that went back to the estate sale and while we were there they ran into a high school friend not seen in years and they came over after loading their truck from the sale. What a blast to sit back and listen to their school years!!
We do this once a year and I had it here this time. Very fun!!!!

I hope you all had a fun weekend.
Summer almost over :0(

Enjoy your day, I am off to clean up and drop off my car for it's recall repairs.


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