Sunday, October 25, 2015

Beautiful Sunday weather today!!

This morning I got up and made my big Sunday breakfast
for hubby and we both spent the rest of the day outside.
We cleaned up around the barn and I weeded this small garden area by the barn. These self seeding pink petunias are still blooming! The frost has not affected them yet and we have had several hard frosts but I think because it is the south side of the barn it is warm and gets a lot of sun.  The Tyme and Sage is still going strong too. 
Aren't they pretty!
I stored my flower pots for the winter in the shed and cleaned out some more flower beds.
Norm spent the day cleaning around the barn and getting the scrap steel together for pick up this week.
Now the sun is setting and came in to make of our favs.
Time for Advil and pajamas.

Have a great week!!!!!!


PS.....Planning on going to Gathered Treasures, Simple Goods and Seville on Saturday  the 7th.with some friends.
Are any of you planning on going?
Can't wait!!!!!

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