Sunday, December 6, 2015

A few Christmas pics 2015

Changed up from last year and I am showing only 2 right now because my pictures are still loading.
Love the tree and only new thing on it is glittery grapevine I found from JoAnn at The Old Granary. Looks so pretty at night, don't know how you like glittery but I love it on a tree.

Spent the day yesterday in Holly all day, the weather was perfect and had lunch with Dawn, Janet and Tammi at Bittersweet Cafe.
I also met a blog follower Carol Shlupp (sorry if I messed up your name Carol) but nice to meet you.

Argh I had a mouthful of food!!!

Holly Hills Primitives is open today so check it out if your able to.
I bought a really sweet make-do bench made by Dick but need to take a pic to show you.
Bobbie we missed you!!!!


Have a wonderful day!

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