Sunday, March 20, 2016

Only 6 pictures of the Early Homested Show.

This is my daughter Jennifer who had her own booth first time ever at Dawns show. She works so hard, wish I had some of her energy.

These plants were wonderful along with her antiques.

The last 3 pictures are of my booth.

Chocolate kisses were a big hit.

Almost all items in this picture sold.

Coffe bin sold, early dry red grain bin sold and most antiques on shelf sold.

What till you see what I bought from Mandy Fisher!!!!
Love it but it is still in my van which will get unloaded tomorrow.
Everything left is going to antique Mercantile.

I took more pictures with my phone but did not turn out and I have no idea why so all I have for you is 6 pictures to share.
This is one of the best times I have during the year!!!
It was so much fun seeing friends again that I seldom see, wish I could see more.

Take care and ~Happy First Day of Spring!!!

PS....Has anyone seen the new show yet Little Big Shots hosted by Steve Harvey ?????
It is A D O R A B L E!!!!!
You must watch it.....amazing!

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