Sunday, July 17, 2016

Homeowners on tour today, we spent the day driving to each others home and tailgating since we could not tour last weekend....BLAST! 7 homes total plus ours...

Loved this dragonfly hung on this home.

Look at the size of these.

Loved this grouping

Sweet vignette

Ok I can make this

Is this sweet!!! Love the planted boot

Great idea


This Hibiscus is the prettiest yellow

I have many more pictures to share later.
Gardening talent I have never seen before and believe me I have seen ALOT of gardens.
Came home with some new ideas that I want to try, ready for the tour again someday.
I can't get enough of gardening.


  1. Oh Earlene, what gorgeous gardens!!!! Yes, many ideas for my gardens too, I love the tours, please post more!!!!!Hugs Francine.

  2. Loved the tour. Such beautiful gardens and I so love the color of that hibiscus! Janice

  3. Can't wait to see all your pictures. Never been much of a yard person but since moving here to NC and getting an awesome garden already established I can't get enough of it. Going to buy more flat rocks this week to extend some of my beds. It's an addiction!

  4. The tour looked like great fun, I love the decor and the interesting ideas.