Wednesday, September 28, 2016

 I spent several hours on Monday changing my dining room around and cleaning it along the way. Thought I would suffocate with all the dust LOL!
Took some pieces I no longer wanted to my booth yesterday and looking for more primitive pieces to replace it with.
Lots of great primitive shows coming up so I know I will find some more great pieces. 

September is coming to an end and October is a favorite month for a lot of you.


  1. Looks great Earlene...I love that cloth settle!!

  2. You have so many beautiful pieces! It's great that you're able to change things up by selling what you already have in your booth when the time comes.

  3. Hi Earlene! Oh that darn dust - it just keeps coming back! You have such a fantastic collection, I would have a hard time parting with any of it,lol. Looking forward to seeing the finds still waiting for you! Jane

  4. Oh I love Earlene, looks so cozy and welcoming. I hear you about the dust, cough cough. Great decorating as usual sweet friend,Hugs Francine.