Friday, August 19, 2011

4 Fall pictures to share

Happy Friday to all of you.

I want to show you a primitive rug that I hooked...eeks! it was almost 13 years ago that I got as a kit for Christmas from my husband. It was the last rug I hooked cause kind of got bored with it plus the mess drives me crazy. That is why I don't sew too. Too much mess. Anyway, I love the rug and have fun displaying it. Sometimes I hang it, sometimes I use it on a table with Fall decorations.

I bought the two coots a long time ago and aren't they cool! The wax corn got pulled out tonight

The corn stalks stay in my pantry year round and make a nice Fall display when I pull out the rest od my stuff.So slowly but surely I will start decorating for Fall.

Enjoy this weekend everyone.


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