Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blogger comments

Does anyone know why on some blogs you go to comment and you get a pop up that says you have to change your password and blah blah blah. HELP It has happened only on a few, so please don't think I am avoiding you. It is under google account, maybe i should try anonymous.

And has this ever happened to you. A terrible smell in your house and you clean and scrub everything, even your drains. still terrible smell. Well my husband just came up from the basement and our chest freezer quit working! gross! Smells the worst smell! I have like 3 candles burning and windows open and he is down now trying to pull stuff out. nothin important in it except tons of frozen stawberries he picked this summer for jelly. poor guy is so disappointed.
Well at least we know what it is now. You ask am I helping? Hell no!

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