Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lost cat named Willow ABC News

Did you see this story on ABC World News about a cat that has been lost for 5 years. The owners thought it was probably eaten by a coyote and would never see it again. It ended up in New Jersey and when picked up it did have a micro chip. It is a beautiful cat! What a special story. Love stories like this!

So here of some pictures of my kitty who is so sweet and I will never be without a kitty. Really any pet has special places in are hearts and make us happy. I actually owned a ferrat for 5 years. She just showed up one night, I am sure someone left her, and she was so much fun! My grandkids had a good time with her "Tickles" was her name.

Ok stop rambling. Her are pictures of my kitty.

TGIF tomorrow!


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