Friday, December 30, 2011

Going out for New Years 2012?

Farewell Christmas 2011 and Welcome 2012! I spent the day yesterday taking down all of our decorations and cleaning and dusting. Sneezing all day because of the dust and glitter floating around. I did some changing around and I like how it turned out. I picked up a new cupboard yesterday for my guest bedroom and when I get it set up I will get some pics for you. I like it cause it is tall. I sold the small dresser that was in that room and wanted something taller and bigger.
This was my very first year blogging (and Christmas) and I have had so much fun looking and reading all of yours! So inspiring and such wonderful stories and the pictures have been amazing, but the best part is connecting and meeting new friends and I want to thank all of you!
Enjoy my following pictures.
This is Houdina.
I am watching her for our neice who is traveling this holiday with family.
She is so gentle and loves attention.
I think she is 5 years old.
Christine I would love to watch her anytime you need me!
We are not going out for New Years.
What are you doing.
Oh and before I forget I wish my friend Carmen at Primcats to get well soon and the best for 2012!
Love to everybody!
Buddy wants to play..I don't think so!

Can we be friends?

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