Monday, January 2, 2012

Changes and my new cupboard

One of my favorite dolls that I have had for a long time.
Like the way the box covers my stove knobs
Couldn't figure what out to do with this table so it went in my pantry and turned out cute. My grandkids table and chairs are packed away in the basement.
I took this small pie cupboard off my bay window seat and moved it to this corner with the crocks...I like it.
I hung the rack back up after the Christmas decorations came down. It's a great mustard color. I collect mashers too.
I picked these up on Saturday. Cindy and I went to Blissfield and Maumee Antique Malls and had a great time. Went to dinner at Friendlys which is next to the mall. Have you ever eaten there? I love the food ( and ice cream).
I left my prim snowmen out and thought they looked cute in my trencher.
Do you like?
Sorry this first shot is so dark but isn't the beadboard front great. I love the look of fact I am having my kitchen walls done this Spring.
The color fits in great in this bedroom.
So far I am happy with the way I decorated it.
Great storage too.

Back to work tomorrow : 0 (
I have really enjoyed my 2 weeks off.
We had terrible winds here yesterday and today but hardly any snow fell. The west side of the state got blasted with a foot of it and I hope it stays there!
Thanks for visiting and have a cozy evening!

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