Thursday, April 12, 2012


The week is going by fast for it for you? I'm glad cause Saturday and Sunday will be a blast! Me and my sister are going to the Prim show in Mansfield. I heard it is a good show and wondering what I will find? On Sunday we are going to Angies Blog potluck..can't wait to meet her and Linda! I hope that more blog friends can make it for a visit! I want to plan one someday but not sure about the timing right now. I am having some work done in our home and not sure when they are starting. It is not a big job but makes a huge mess all the same. So tonight all I have to share is my new lamp and my new table display I tweaked after putting away all the Easter decor. I hope everyone had a great Easter with family and friends. Oh and I want to thank Dawn and Dick for being so gracious...we had a great time last Friday night! Great pizza and salad...and a yummy dutch apple pie.
Great mood lamp!
Our Handsome Hubbies0:) That's all for tonight. Time to do the dishes and look at some sites to see for the weekend. Have I said I love Ohio? Your probably getting tired of hearing it! LOL! ~~Hugs~~ EARLENE

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