Saturday, April 14, 2012

Guess Who?

Angie from LILRaggedyAngie Bolg, Linda from ParkerParadise Blog, Carmen from PrimCats and Ann from A hole in the basket blog. What a treat to see all these gals in one day.
Blogger is acting up bad so I can't back space and fix my mistakes but wanted to share these pictures from today.
Sharon and I left at 7 this morning and had a great trip and great time. Have any of you seen this sign in Ohio about hearing aides and it is a picture of 3 women . Two are dressed in a siut and the third dressed as aclown? the caption is " I said where a brown suit...not a clown suit" OMG I thought I would p my pants we were laUGHING SO HARD And I am still giggling!
Anyway off to the blog potluck tomoorrow at Angies.
I will share more when I get home and I hope blogger is woking better.
Oh and Cindy was there too with her sister but didn't get a picture with my camera.
It was a great show.
Have a good night.

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