Monday, April 16, 2012


We left the show at 3 on Saturday and checked out the area of Mansfield. Goodwill was our first stop and I found 2 great coats that I can use that are more practical when dressing up. Then off to Jillys Junction...very cute shop but only purchased 2 dish clothes and that was it. Found a very nice walnut blanket chest at the antique shop next door but...darn...I drove my car... so that was a downer. Went driving around and did some sightseeing. We got into our room about 6 and got settled, then off to dinner, and then crashed for the night after dinner. We did some more driving around in the morning to pass the time and came upon President Harding Tomb. What a sight that was to see! It felt good to get out and walk around and I did get some pictures for you. Off to Angies for lunch and we had a great visit! I would have stayed longer but it is a long ride home and glad I left when we did because traffic was pretty bad...and the wind even worse. Okay so the pics are goodies I found at the show on Saturday. ~Hope your weekend was a fun one~They go so fast! ~~Earlene~~
American Stars on spool
Coffeepot cover and did not fit under my counter Pics stopped loading so I will show at anther time. I get impatient waiting for them to load...sorry.

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